Copenhagen Causality Lab (CoCaLa)

🚧 we just launched this website, so there may be some changes and/or glitches here and there 👷

We do research on causality, statistical modelling, and data analysis.

You can find us at the Department of Mathematical Sciences, University of Copenhagen and converse with us on matrix – just join via the open network for secure, decentralized, cross-institutional communication.

Please reach out to us when you are interested in joining or working with us! Positions are announced via the department’s calls. The annual PhD calls have deadlines in April and November. The annual postdoc call opens in October with a deadline in November.



[current favourite paper that the lab member co-authored] 🚀

🤹 Jeff Adams

🤹 Niels Richard Hansen

🤹 Shimeng Huang

🤹 Martin Emil Jakobsen

🤹 Snorre Jallbjørn

🤹 Steffen L. Lauritzen

🤹 Phillip Bredahl Mogensen

Mogensen & Markussen (2021) 🚀

🤹 Rikke Søndergaard Nielsen

🤹 Lasse Petersen

🤹 Jonas Peters

tba 🚀

🤹 Niklas Pfister

Saengkyongam et al. (2021) 🚀

🤹 Sorawit Saengkyongam

Saengkyongam et al. (2021) 🚀

🤹 Nikolaj Theodor Thams

🤹 Sebastian Weichwald

Reisach et al. (2021) 🚀




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